Naughty Elves

Green Devil's Little Helpers

A few years ago I stumbled across some cute elf dolls in a bag of donated plushies. As it was just before Christmas I decided to give them a makeover in my own particular way (BIG grins with lots of shiny resin teeth of course!)

Original naughty elves

When I shared them on Facebook they were an instant hit. I'd created my own version of the Elf on the Shelf craze and my followers loved watching the elves get up to mischief. 

Driving the Green Devil van


Elves and Tiffany
Don't tell Chucky!


The first two I created were a part of a giveaway I was running on Facebook and they found a home in Salem Massachusetts of all places! I was thrilled that my creations were headed to a place with such rich history! 

Then the commissions started coming in, everyone wanted an elf of their own. Luckily the brand of elf I worked with is quite popular in stores here in the UK around Christmas time. I try to find pre-owned elf dolls where possible to stick to the core values of Green Devil, but I have had to buy the odd new one here and there to meet demand. I try to make up for it by using recycled trinkets to decorate them.

The infection spreads
The infection spreads...


New elves
The elves are taking over!
Elf and Yellow Snow
New elf for 2018 and his buddy Yellow Snow


They've now become a Green Devil Christmas tradition with people waiting to see them on the Facebook page again. This year I've tried to make them all a little different and give them each a personality of their own.

Trainee Creepy Elf

Trainee Elf


Emo Creepy Elf

Standard Naughty Elf



Working on the first female creepy elf

Working on the first female elf


Now for my next challenge, working on this big boy! Watch this space!


Giant elf waiting to be customised


Want an elf of your own?

These guys are all looking for new homes


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