Hey hey my little devils,

So my latest creation took a dark turn. I'd like to introduce you to Lambchop  Cheesy

After the fun I had working on Fenrir the Werebear, I bought a job lot of used masks off eBay to see what else I could make.

 I was instantly drawn to the severed face mask and I had a perfect lamb plush to use.

Perfect fit (I pinched and sewed the face to make the eyes line up with the eyeholes in the mask)

Next came some kids clothes I found at the charity shop. I've been wanting to use the monster jumper for a while

Then all that was left to do was to distress the clothes and give it a creepy paint job.

Sweet dreams Smiley
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Hey Brock, she sold a while ago I’m afraid. I’d be happy to commission something similar for you though :)

It wouldn’t be exactly the same as I work with recycled materials but it gives me the opportunity to make something truly one of a kind for you.

Green Devil

Love lambchop. She is amazing is she for sale?

Brock hill

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