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Rant: E-Waste recycling, or the lack of it


My 9 to 5 day job is in HR for a large company. Now, said company are upgrading some of their systems.
Me being me, I saw an opportunity to buy some older PCs for next to nothing, which I would salvage for parts and cases for later projects. So off I go to speak to the person in charge about the PCs.

To my absolute shock I was told no, the PCs are off to be destroyed because of Data Protection!!
Now obviously within my role I understand the key importance of the Data Protection Act, however, what I don’t understand is why companies feel that the whole PC needs to be scrapped…How Wasteful!

Nearly 99% of the PC can be reused without infringing upon data protection (literally remove the old hard drive and take a hammer and chisel to it!). Now don’t get me wrong, I am not annoyed that I was told no to buying the PCs, what annoys me is that perfectly good components are being sent to landfill for no reason.

Anyways enough of my rants for this week I can hear Luke calling me from the workshop!!

Keep your eye out for the next project soon to be posted!!

Take care little devils

Green Jnr

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