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Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter

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"I make art from abandoned and preloved toys to symbolise the ugliness of our throwaway culture."
The Mad Hatter is a knitted doll with rubber eyes and resin teeth. He stands at approx 40cm/16'' tall. 
Inspired by the beloved character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with a dark twist
Dolls and poppets are used by many cultures around the globe as talismans for good luck or to ward off bad energies. Many believe that the uglier the doll, the more powerful it will be in it's protection of the home. In many practices of witchcraft sentimental objects are often used in spells as they are thought to hold powerful magick, which would make once loved toys extremely powerful. In combining these two traditions I hope that this doll would make a strong talisman in protection of the home.
Please note: This is NOT a toy. It is an art doll intended for display purposes only. Not suitable for young children.