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Tribal Bear Head Barbie

Tribal Bear Head Barbie

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Post apocalyptic ritual doll of protection.

Relic from a world in the not too distant future brought to ruin by greed and consumerism. This ritual doll made from the debris of the old world.

Great tool for the modern day witch to use in your craft. Place her on your altar or anywhere in your home to protect from any harmful forces. She is even small enough to be carried with you as a protection charm.

Although this doll was designed for protection spells, we all know magick is mostly about the intent, so use her in any spell you see fit! 

 Height: 30cm approx

All of my Abandoned Toys are created from discarded toys and parts destined for landfill and are cleaned thoroughly before customisation.

I take found toys and customise them to represent the ugliness of our throwaway culture. I envisage how an Abandoned Toy would have to adapt after being forced to grow up and take on the world alone...

*PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a toy. This is an art doll for DISPLAY ONLY*