Valentino - Abandoned Toys

Valentino has a mouth and claws sculpted from epoxy clay, which is set hard like plastic. All of our Abandoned Toys are created from discarded toys and parts destined for landfill and are cleaned thoroughly before customisation. Can you give him a new home and help him find happiness again?

Spiked Fedora

Fedora hat with spikes round the rim

Swallows Waistcoat

Customised waistcoat with tattoo inspired swallows

Patchwork Bag

Custom order bag made from old clothes the client no longer wore

Vintage Floral

Customised orange jacket with applique flowers

Found Object Necklace

Necklace made from found objects, broken keys, keyboard tiles and more

Denim bag

Custom order bag made from old jeans of various colours

Imperfection is Beauty

Tattooed Maryln Monroe

Mad Hatter

Fedora hat customised with neckties and keyboard keys. "We're all mad here"


Grey jacket with printed zebra design

Angel Wings

Ladies' jacket with silver angel wings

Punk Tweed

Tweed jacket with red sprayed and skull vinyl

Work Less, Play More

Paisley jacket with inspirational punk message

Seven Deadly SIns

Pinstripe jacket with silver lettering of the Seven Deadly Sins

Geisha Warrior

Custom order jacket with Geisha Warrior design

Laser Cut Vinyl Record Clock

Upcycled wall clock from a vinyl record. Dimensions: 30 cm diameter (~12 inches) Weight: about 300 g. The clock takes one "AA" battery. The battery is not included. Silent clock mechanism. The clock will be shipped, packaged in a cardboard pizza box! WORLDWIDE shipping.

Necktie Messenger

Bag upcylced from neckties

Denim and Necktie Bag

Another custom order bag made from neckties and old jeans

Guardian Angel

Spray painted brown jacket with lyrics from Sixx AM, "What's an angel like you ever do with a devil like me?" Made to order


Tartan jacket with propaganda style uprising design

Necktie Bag

Upcycled from neckties. Custom order

Sleeveless Skulls

Customised sleeveless jacket in a blue tweed with skull motifs

Slave to Fashion

Customised ladies' blazer with vinyl design and silver eyelets. This jacket features a retro robot design, an army of clones. It symbolises how the media enforces their ideal on us of what we should look like, how we should dress.

Guardian Angel

Punked tweed blazer jacket with spray paint wings

Grey's Anatomy

Tweed jacket with scientific drawings of skulls


Floral design jacket with vinyl roses and swallows


Pinstripe jacket with red sprayed circles

Punk Tweed

Punked tweed ladies' jacket with flowers and skull

Red Skulls

Pinstripe jacket with red and silver skulls

Pool Bag

Here is a bag I upcycled from a punctured inflatable pool. I love the obviously stated no diving instruction with graphic. Zippered top and great for keeping your stuff dry!

Studded Flat Cap

Flat cap with spikes and studs


Banksy "Bomb Girl" design

Angel Wing Bolero

Punked black bolero jacket with red vinyl wings


Hacking jacket with carousel horse design

Jeans Bag

Custom order bag made from a pair of jeans


Union flag design made of smaller elements


Grey jacket with Buddah design

Ivy Leaves

Green tweed jacket with Ivy Leaf silver design


Black jacket with magpie design

Alice in Wonderland

Pinstripe jacket with Alice in Wonderland design.


Tweed jacket with a design of butterflies

Fleur de Lis

Sugar Skull