Collection: Abandoned Toys

I started making my Abandoned Toys when I found a bunch of toys that were getting thrown out and I wanted to challenge myself into recycling them. I'm a huge fan of Toy Story and I imagined how these toys would have to adapt to survive by themselves. I really enjoyed making them so now I seek out toys that inspire me. The fun part is that I don't generally start a project with a concept in mind, it just evolves as I am creating the piece so even I'm surprised by the end result. I found this kind of chaotic approach was really good for my mental health by just creating for the fun of it. 
I like to experiment when I work and sometimes I will have an idea like "Hey what would teddy bears look like dipped in cement?" so I'll try it and then let the concept develop afterwards. I'm also a practicing witch and I use the dolls as protection charms. I get my motivation from a multitude of sources like post apocalyptic/dystopian futures, horror movies (Chucky, The Purge etc) and I love Tim Burton movies! Beetlejuice is my all time favourite movie. And I'm a total Toy Story nerd haha.